• front entrance

  • third floor balcony

  • tower and cupola

  • arch stone work, southern fenestration lights up garden apartment

  • drywall detailing

  • gothic tower bedroom / cathedral ceiling bedroom

  • spanish tiles, Italian marble detail on hood, reclaimed brick

  • second unit kitchen cantilevered credenza to maintain dining room style

  • lounging, wood warm, stand alone tub / confessional style medicine cabinets

  • curve design to allow for free movement and space in small ensuite

  • master bedroom in north-east tower

  • garden apartment stone walls and kitchen hood detail

  • the geometric cupola


Convert narrow vertical single family house into three horizontal units. Balconies, smaller second floor footprint, and towers , allow structure to appear smaller despite almost tripling the building area with a multi-unit dwelling at 1200, 1700, and 2200 sqft respectively.

Retaining east and north walls to maintain property’s original character. Underpinned and lowering garden unit floor by 3′. Sharp elevation difference between front and back as well as extensive moisture and water drainage under floor slab required deep excavation without undermining surrounding buildings. New excavation increased property to 6000 sqft allowing three units with separate entrances, electrical, plumbing , mechanical and fire separation. Outdoor spaces for each unit were created through terraces, back and side yard landscaping. Back yard access enhanced with stone steps and retaining wall garden terraced and integrated with waterfall and garden pond.

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Required large horizontal living space for first unit (no stairs) to allow for large entertainment area and ease of mobility for elderly parent.  Staircases, narrow rooms, corrridors, in victorian tradition made this house dark with little entertainement space. Multiple previous renovations with incorrectly moved supporting walls compromised the structural integrity of the building.


Unit 1 has the traditional front porch and original entrance of the building, Moorish influenced mill work details the porch and gables to lighten the structure. Reclaimed slate façade and porch roof, with honed ontario slate flooring gives a luxurious entrance.

All floors are hot water in-floor heated, medieval multi-sized stone styled tiles make entrance and kitchen warm and inviting.

Reclaimed wide planked red douglas fir flooring was custom mild for the living and dining room area, which is over 1000 sq. ft with a cathedral cupola.

2 storey double masonry heater is the central fireplace located in the living room and can heat the whole unit during a power shortage.

All mill work in kitchen, bathroom and front hall was custom design to maximize storage.

Custom reclaimed lumber bathtub was designed for tall bathers who want to relax. Bathing on wood imparts warmth as exploited in Japanese traditional baths.


A hidden tower entrance, brings you into a wide, bright, low sloped stairwell to the second floor. A spacious central hallway with a bay windowed library, living room, dining room and kitchen overlooking a large terrace for outdoor space. Reclaimed stairwell to third floor brings you to multi shaped sloped bedrooms, skylight, terraces and gothic tower. 3 full bathrooms and lots of storage.


Unit 3 overlooks the garden with south eastern fenestration with brings light throughout the apartment. Exposed stone walls brings put a fairy tale flavour with a moorish air. With 2 full bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a masonry heater as the central feature of the living room.

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