• bespoke counters in reclaimed elm and pine

  • lighting design, illuminates work areas

  • recuperated ottawa river log flooring

  • easy access storage/ was a key feature

  • recycle / garbage is logically located and hidden

  • new full bathroom hidden behind 2’ walls providing separation

  • old porch incorporated into addition to increase useful living space, finished in local white cedar


Repair house and old addition: re-laminate  original central structural beam, re-attach stairwell, straighten floors, lift house centre-three storeys, rebuild stairs, reinsulate-interior/exterior old addition. Expand footprint by building walls and insulating porch. Remove structural walls and install structural beams on ground floor. Install kitchen and bathroom in new locations.  Install custom built-ins & flooring.  Manufacture live edge reclaimed wood counters. Clad exterior. Build cedar decks & stairs to access garden. Install new windows and exterior doors to increase inside/outside flow. Reconfigure mechanical and electrical: new ducting, new furnace, re-wire ground floor.

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Stuctural problems: centre of building sinking by 3″, old addition sinking by 2″. Small rooms and narrow hallways. Poor natural lighting, insulation, heating system. Structurally compromised second floor joists due to old plumbing renovations. Poor heating of second and third floor due to lack of cold air return.


Fix structure, reinsulate, change floor plan for open concept spacious living. Reconfigured ducting and introduce cold air returns to second and third floor. Reattached compromised staircase structure to framing, re-laminated central beam and introduced new footings and columns for support.

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