• backsplash with pot filler, Mexican and Spanish tiles

  • handmaid cremone doors and windows providing access to courtyard and overlooking pond

  • sink built into wall to maximize space in powder room

  • left window converted to doorway/ right doorway arch raised for symmetry

  • cantilevered credenza

  • reclaimed threshing from ontario barns

  • bespoke tabs with reclaimed hot and cold, with a village fountain feel, and live edge american walnut 2" counter

  • european style laundry integrated with kitchen


Convert large storage attic to 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and playroom loft for kids; skylights for light and cross ventilation, integrated bunk beds, knee-wall custom cabinets, exposed beams, window bench seats, complete with secret passages. This space is an ideal hideaway for kids and friends.   Main floor re-structure 1912 summer kitchen, sun porch and stable into large insulated kitchen -living room overlooking small garden courtyard and green house. Converted washroom into home office and stairwell covert into powder room. Kitchen was camouflaged with custom cabinetry integrates with living room to ensure elegant, versatile space; 2 sink areas were created for convenience as well as aesthetics, unsightly pots and pans can be tucked away in service sink. Main sink was designed to be decorative as well as functional. all coverts and appliances are integrated with  a custom design and style to create a harmonious living room/kitchen. Kitchen and living room looks onto courtyard and pond, which is a rain water catcher designed to store and reuse rooftop rain water and attract local wild life, such as different species of birds, flocking for community bathing, frogs, toads and sun basking garden snakes.

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Half renovated 3 bedroom home with tiny kitchen and no view of garden and green space, attic was for storage only.


Carefully develop areas of seclusion and convergence:  have small private spaces and larger public spaces to gather the family. Third floor had 2 private bedrooms and a large common area that can act as a bedroom and playroom, bathroom and extensive storage was added in otherwise unusable knee spaces. reclaimed rough wood was used for integrated beds, cabinetry, doors and framing to give a medieval feel, completed with secret passages and old fashioned hardware. Ground floor, in order to maintains outdoor space, a very compact first floor renovation was orchestrated; a shed, a sunroom and the old kitchen were combined using steel beam and columns to support a green roof and an expansive kitchen/living space; the integrated cabinetry of the kitchen was sculpted to provide an elegant backdrop to the living space. Dishwasher, laundry and fridge are integrated  and remain hidden.


Growing food and attracting wild life while maintaining large play area was critical to both the renovation and the garden plan, an eating courtyard gives it more formal space and expands the living room in the summer. The small river and pond collect rain water with can be stored in barrels and provides a natural pool to refresh the family on hot summer days.

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